SRP-Legal provides general legal advice to Corporates in relation to legal aspects of their everyday business. Those everyday business legal supports include drafting and Our firm has extensive experience representing local, foreign and multi-national corporations in all their commercial and business transactions on an on-going basis. Our support and advice encompasses all aspects of complex commercial contractual agreements. This includes negotiating and drafting supply chain and procurement, sales and distribution chains, franchising, financing, licenses, logistics, intellectual property use and leasing agreements, as well as international sales, sponsorship and co-development agreements.

SRP-Legal works closely with clients to understand and advise on how a given commercial agreement will support the client to achieve its business goals, irrespective of the industry. We also provide clear and commercially savvy legal analysis of the risks attached to commercial agreements, actively supporting our clients’ needs.

SRP-Legal supports clients to negotiate and draft core operational and commercial agreements for their everyday business. We also support clients to develop their own standard terms and conditions, for use with stakeholders such as franchisees, suppliers, distributors and customers.

Ms. Ayozger is directly involved in legislative efforts in the e-commerce area due to her extensive knowledge the practice as well as on European Union legislation. She has worked as the spokeswomen of clients before not only the Ministry of Trade but also the Parliament to offer an in-depth understanding on the ever-changing legislative needs of businesses with respect to e-commerce law related matters.

Within the extensive knowledge and experience in e-commerce issues, SRP-Legal also handles the complete range of e-commerce issues, from domain name to on-line auctions, pop-up advertising, deep-linking, virtual applications and spamming, irrespective of industry.

Our services include:

General Advisory in Commercial &E-Commerce Law

  • Providing clear, commercial advice on a wide range of arrangements
  • Advising clients on complex issues and compliance of the Commercial &E-Commerce Law

Commercial Litigation

  • Advise a combination of commercial & e-commerce law experience with robust and commercially-focused litigation skills.
  • Devising litigation strategies matched to clients’ needs and deploys tactics to ensure clients advantage throughout a dispute.




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