Legal AlertPrivacy Guideline in Digital Games Has Been Published!

14 June 2021

It was announced that the “Guideline to Privacy in Digital Games” (“The Guideline”) drafted by the Information Technologies and Communications Authority (“Authority”) was published on the official website of the Authority on 01.06.2021. The guideline provides information on the current state of digital games, what digital privacy is, how to protect against threats in digital games, threats in online games, and what cyberbullying is. Some of the key issues organized by the Guideline are as follows:

  1. Privacy

With the Guideline, the definition of the concept of Digital Privacy has been made. Accordingly, Digital Privacy refers to how people shall behave in digital environments, which data shall be shared with whom and which shall not. The Guideline covers the contents such as Personal file, photo, video, real identity information, account, bank information, address information, etc.

  1. Risks to be Encountered in Digital Games
  • Risks arising from communication with people who want to steal personal and financial information,
  • Risks caused by malicious people who want to take advantage of computer security vulnerabilities,
  • Risks posed by criminals seeking victims on the Internet and in the real world,
  • Risks posed by Trojan horses, computer worms, spyware and viruses.
  1. Methods of Protection from Digital Damages

In order not to be the target of cyber attacks in digital games and not to deal with the consequences, it is recommended to use methods such as using anti-virus programs and downloading games from safe sources , to choose reliable platforms and content producers when acquiring games from digital media, and to ensure that the information requested on digital platforms does not contain information that can be used against you or your close environment outside that platform,  not sharing the passwords requested for the game with third parties, even if the game manufacturer gives confidence.

You may reach the full Turkish version of the Guideline via the link below: