Legal AlertThe Personal Data Protection Authority Published an Announcement on the Obligation of Business Partnerships to Register with the Data Controller Information System.

28 June 2021

Within the framework of the announcement (“Announcement”) published on the website of the Personal Data Protection Authority (“Authority”) on 25.06.2021, it is stated that there were hesitations in the opinion requests delivered to the Authority, about the registration obligations of business partnerships, consortia and ordinary partnerships in the Data Controllers’ Registry (“Registry”).

Pursuant to the Announcement, the main purpose of the obligation to register with the Registry is to carry out the personal data processing processes in a transparent and accountable manner and to provide the highest level of control over the personal data of the data subjects.

In this extend, the Authority stated the importance of reflecting the personal data processed during the activities carried out by structures such as business partnerships, consortia and ordinary partnerships to the Data Controllers’ Registry Information System (“VERBIS”).

In the light of this information, the Authority announced that the Personal Data Protection Board rendered a decision dated 09.06.2021 and numbered 2021/569, stating that “the partners forming the partnership, who are obliged to register with the Registry, should also input data regarding the personal data they process within the scope of the partnership activities, along with their own activities, during their registration to VERBIS”.

You may reach the full Turkish version of the Announcement via the link below.