Legal AlertThe “Medium-Term Programme” was approved to be published in the Official Gazette!

14 September 2021

The “Medium-Term Programme (2022-2024) “, prepared with the conjunction of the Ministry of Treasury and Finance and The Ministry of Development, was approved to be published in the Official Gazette!

The Medium Term Programme (“MTP”), which initiated the central government budget process, has been published with the President’s Decision in the Official Gazette dated 5 September 2021 and numbered 31589.

The MTP is designed to cover topics related to public policies including macroeconomic policies, principles, and goals, and income and expenditures related to the upcoming 3 years. Additionally, updates related to the global and Turkish economy along with macroeconomic goals and future economic and social policies that would be followed in relation to these updates are also included. Financial Technologies are one of the topics covered in these updates. Within this context;

Macroeconomic Goals and  Policies: Financial Stability

An increase in savings in the financial system, developments in capital markets that will lead to ease accessibility financing, and the provision of support to financial stability in order to promote financial literacy is aimed. Within this objective;

  • Legislation regulating information systems that contribute to the development of the financial technology ecosystem in Turkey while putting it in a place to be one of the leading countries in the digitalisation of the financial industry will be updated.
  • Key financial technology companies that provide support services to the financial ecosystem in Turkey will be included in the scope of the audit, minimizing the risks arising from third parties and expanding the use of domestic and national products and services.
  • İn line with the first phase pilot findings of the Digital Lira Research and Development Project, the findings of the studies on the technological, economic and legal structures of digital money will be evaluated, while further pilot tests with wider participation will continue to be conducted.
  • FinTech institutions operating in the field of payments will be provided with access to payment systems and public databases operated by the Central Bank.
  • A regulatory sandbox related to payments which will support the İstanbul Finance Centre to become a global authority in the FinTech area will be set up.
  • A Finance and Technology Centre will be set up in the İstanbul Finance center to support FinTech enterprises.


Briefly, with the publication of the Medium Term Programme, the path to be followed in the area of financial technologies was drawn and the precautions to be taken in this area were established.

You may reach the full Turkish version of the Medium-Term Programme (2022-2024) via the link below: