Consumer Protection Law 

  • We provide legal consultancy, regulation strategies and compliance services within the scope of legislation regarding the Protection of Consumers. 
  • The founder and the managing director of SRP-Legal, Dr. Ayozger Ongun, is directly involved in the legislative process in the protection of consumers due to her extensive knowledge of the practice, as well as European Union legislation. She has acted as the spokeswoman for clients before the Ministry of Customs and Trade, and also in front of Parliament to offer an in-depth understanding on the ever-changing legislative needs of business with respect to the protection of consumer laws.
  • As our founder, Dr. Ayozger Ongun has also participated in the legislative process and been giving legal opinions to the relevant ministries regarding Consumer Protection in the industry of  Electronic Communication legislation, and assisting those ministries. She also helps  clients shape legislation in favor of their interests.

Legal Consultancy Services on the Consumer Protection Law

  • Providing legal consultancy services related to business for the protection of the consumers’  legislation, 
  • Tailoring compliance programs regarding laws that affect consumers,
  • Representing and defending clients before the Ministry of Customs and Trade and providing all related legal services regarding the settlement of the relevant disputes.


    • Using our extensive experience in complex consumer protection matters, providing the litigation services that clients need,
    • Developing litigation strategies in line with our clients’ needs and conflicts/cases  to ensure their rights,
    • Preparing necessary and required documents, such as petitions and responding to lawsuits, attending court hearings and following up the litigation proceedings etc. on behalf of the clients,
    • Representing and defending our clients before courts at all levels, in arbitration procedures and other alternative dispute resolution procedures,
    • Aligning our litigation strategies with our clients’ interests and objectives, and striving to achieve the best results possible for our clients under the circumstances.




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