Data Privacy / Protection Law

The founder and the managing director of SRP-Legal, Dr. Ayozger Ongun, has a PhD in Personal Data Protection («PDP») and Privacy Law and she has led PDP Law practices since 2005.

Dr. Ayozger Ongun is directly involved in legislative procedures in the area of data privacy due to her extensive knowledge of European Union legislation. She has worked as the spokeswomen of clients before the Ministry of Justice to offer an in-depth understanding on the ever-changing legislative needs of businesses with respect to data protection and privacy law. Dr. Ayozger Ongun has also offered legal advice to the Turkish Ministry of Justice.

Dr. Ayozger Ongun has also been providing training to members of the Personal Data Protection Board («Board») and she is still in active communication with the Board. 

SRP-Legal not only provides comprehensive information regarding the implementation of Personal Data Protection to our clients, but also produces commercial solutions within their relevant fields.

We have substantial experience in advising our clients regarding compliance issues including the evolving interpretation of data protection and data retention rules. 

We closely follow the rules, decisions, guidelines and regulations of the Board.

Some of our legal consultancy services regarding PDP Law are as follows:

General Advisory in Data Protection Law

  • Providing legal consultancy services related to daily personal data processing and protection matters,
  • Advising clients on changes to existing internal or external processes and on the implementation of new procedures,
  • Preparing or reviewing and revising required documents such as consent forms, privacy notices, policies and procedures, corporate binding rules, and so on.
  • Designing the most suitable Personal Data Protection Compliance Project in line with our clients’ needs. We can design 3 type of projects: (i) Fast PDP Compliance Project, (ii) End to end PDP Compliance Project and (iii) Privacy by Design,
  • Providing mock auditing services to our clients to check whether it fulfills its obligations according to Turkish Law regarding Personal Data Protection and its secondary regulations.

Litigation Services on PDP Law Investigations and Cases

  • Representing and defending clients before the Turkish Data Protection Board and courts,
  • Aligning our litigation strategies with our clients’ interests and objectives, and striving to achieve the best results possible for our clients under the circumstances of the time.





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