Financial Technology Law

Founder and the managing director of SRP-Legal, Dr. Ayozger Ongun, has taken an active role in designing products, drafting laws and regulations and in the preparation of licensing and regulating of the market regulations from the very beginning of the Turkish FinTech market, incorporating new technologies as they come to the fore. In the meanwhile, she has been coordinating with the leading communication companies in Turkey, regarding designing laws and regulations in line with the strategies of these companies.

Dr. Ayozger Ongun negotiated the Payment System and E-money Law with the relevant authorities, i.e. The Central Bank of Turkey, Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BRSA) and Parliament. She also represents clients before regulators, including Parliament and many other public institutions and governmental organizations. 

She has developed particular expertise in the drafting of legislative and regulatory frameworks to facilitate sector restructuring. Dr. Ayozger Ongun has also been directly involved in legislative procedures in the area of FinTech due to her extensive knowledge regarding European Union legislations.

She also assists in the preparation of regulatory changes, manages clients’ relationships with regulators and, where possible, also supports clients in their quest to meet regulatory changes, giving advice and clarification.

SRP-Legal deals with licensing issues as well as business strategies in light of regulatory requirements and the practices of the regulatory authorities.

We play a major role in direct foreign investments with regards to the Turkish FinTech industry.

We also have a wide range of experience in the negotiation processes with governmental authorities. 

In addition to our expertise in the laws and regulations of the Fintech industry, we have considerable experience in administrative law and are highly qualified to represent clients before the Presidency of the Council of State, both on the merits of a case and for injunctive relief. 

SRP-Legal provides legal counseling regarding the establishment & implementation of regulation strategies. We also provide regulatory and legal compliance advice, strategic advice on business matters and transactions, lead all types of institutional and governmental relations, represent major industry players, non-governmental organizations and companies before Parliament, other governmental institutions and independent bodies. We deal with all kinds of litigation procedures before Turkish courts. 





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