Legal AlertLegal Alert: Big Data and Personal Data Protection

2 November 2020

Nowadays, traditional data processing techniques became inadequate with the increase in the amount of data and the speed of access to data. This increase made it necessary to implement regulations on big data.

Big data simply refers to data which comprises of volume, speed and diversity. With the Turkish Presidential Decree numbered 48 published in the Official Gazette on 24.10.2019, the Presidency of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Applications (“Presidency”) was established under the Digital Transformation Office. The Presidency is tasked with the development of technologies related to the use of big data in the public sector, the analytics, security and privacy of the big data, as well as pioneering artificial intelligence applications. The Presidency is also working towards positioning Turkey as a regional hub for the storage, processing and transmission of data.

Being a new concept within Turkish Law, there are no legal regulations governing the big data at the moment. However, in cases where big data contains personal data, big data will be subject to the Law on the Protection of Personal Data numbered 6698 and its secondary legislation, limited to the personal data processing activity in question.