We Are Ready to Give You The Support You Need
With Our Expert Legal Team

We Are Ready to Give You
The Support You Need
With Our Expert Legal Team

Data Protection / Privacy Law

The founder and the managing director of SRP-Legal Att. Dr. Cigdem Ayozger Ongun has a PhD on Personal Data Protection («PDP») and Privacy Law and she leads the PDP Law practices since 2005. Dr. Ayozger Ongun is directly involved in legislative procedures in the area of data privacy due to her extensive knowledge of the European Union legislation.

She has worked as the spokeswomen of clients before the Ministry of Justice to offer an in-depth understanding on the ever-changing legislative needs of businesses with respect to Data Protection and Privacy Law related matters. In addition to these, Dr. Ayozger Ongun has also made legal suggestions to The Ministry of Justice.

SRP-Legal offers its clients a kind of service where all their needs regarding the protection and compliance of personal data can be met.

SRP-Legal has extensive experience in advising companies on compliance including PDP Law no 6698 and its secondary regulations, the guidelines published on the official website of the PDP Authority and decisions of the PDP Board (collectively, the “PDP Legislation”), and following the current national and international practices.

As SRP-Legal, we do not only provide comprehensive information on the implementation of Personal Data Protection to our clients, but also produce commercial solutions within their relevant fields.

General Advisory in Data Privacy/Data Protection Law

Some of our legal consultancy services on PDP Law are, as follows:

  • Providing legal consultancy services related to the daily personal data processing and protection matters,
  • Designing the most suitable Personal Data Protection Compliance Project in line with our clients’ needs.
  • Examining and regulating the existing internal and external data processing processes of our clients and integrating new applications into their systems,
  • Preparing or reviewing and revising the required documents such as consent forms, privacy notice, policies, and procedures, corporate binding rules etc.,
  • Providing support on the registration process to Data Controllers Registry (“VERBİS”), representative and contact person services to data controllers residing abroad that are obliged to register to VERBİS,
  • Providing consultancy services regarding the compliance of our clients’ merger and acquisition transactions with the PDP Law.
  • Managing and responding to data subject’s applications and requests, providing support to our Clients in data breach notifications,
  • Determination of roles and responsibilities regarding cross-border data transfers, ensuring organizational structuring,
  • Preparing data transfer commitments, Binding Company Rules and following up the relevant applications before the PDP Authority on behalf of our clients in order to ensure compliance of our clients’ data transfer processes abroad with the PDP Law,
  • Conducting audit rehearsals and preparing audit reports to inspect the compliance process of our clients within the scope of the PDP Law and secondary regulations,
  • Providing corporate awareness trainings within the scope of the PDP Law and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union,
  • Determining the PDP Law and GDPR impact and application areas and carrying out studies for the fulfillment of the obligations,
  • Providing consultancy to our clients regarding compliance with the PDP Law during the product and process design phase.

Litigation Services on PDP Law Investigations and Cases

Some of the services we offer for Litigation and Investigation Processes Under Data Privacy/Data Protection Law are:

  • Providing support to our clients in investigations made by the PDP Board,
  • Developing objection and appeal strategies against the decisions taken by the PDP Board against our clients, appealing to judicial remedies,
  • Representation of our clients at every stage of the judiciary, from the Criminal Judgeships of Peace to the Constitutional Court, in the processes of objection against the administrative acts of the Authority.