Public Policy

We work with our clients to develop innovative and effective strategies to respond to the opportunities and challenges presented by governmental institutions in Turkey and throughout the region, and are ideally placed to help companies review and revise their public policy strategies by taking into account the devolved structures in Turkey and the region. We take time to understand our clients’ business and goals, we help them to follow the policy-making process as it relates to them, and to appreciate the related political climate. We also help clients to develop their network of stakeholders, and to build relationships with government officials and agencies, as well as non-governmental organizations and think tanks who all take a role in the policy-shaping process.

The founder and the managing director of SRP-Legal, Dr. Ayozger Ongun, personally leads Public Policy practices. Before founding and forming  SRP-Legal Team, she was the Head of Regulatory Policy at Turkcell and Chief Legal and Regulatory Strategy Officer at Turkcell Superonline, both responsible for running Governmental Relations and Public Policy of the companies as well as dealing with legal issues. Under her direction, Turkcell Group was able to effectively influence policy-makers. She is recognized as an expert on public advocacy and public policy. She advises clients on the strategy and implementation of projects and campaigns to inform policymakers and improve the quality of policy and legislation. In every case, she works with clients to analyze the situation, build up a strategy and execute a communications solution. Stakeholder engagement plans are also a critical part of her expertise.





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