Contracts Law 

SRP-Legal reviews all varieties of contracts of our clients under the Turkish Code of Obligations No. 6098, the Turkish Commercial Code No. 6102, The Law on the Consumer Protection No. 6502, Warranty Law, PDP legislations, E-Commerce legislations, Notification legislations and the other relevant special legal regulations.

We participate in the negotiation process of contracts, in conjunction with clients or on behalf of  clients as necessity dictates.

We review and revise contracts concerning clients’ needs and interests to mitigate their contractual risks. 

We attend all meetings (physically or through conference calls as necessity dictates) to represent clients before the relevant public institutions, firms and organizations, including but not limited to non-governmental organizations, professional associations, and other associations.

Legal Consultancy Services on the Contracts Law

  • Providing legal consultancy services related to all varieties of business contracts under Turkish law,
  • Formulating necessary strategies to the needs of the companies in conjunction with the involvement of the relevant public institutions. These may include ministries, supervisory and regulatory bodies, and agencies, and we keep in touch with them all throughout the entire process,
  • Tailoring the related compliance policies under the laws and regulations and/or the contractual liabilities the company is subject to,
  • Attending meetings in order to negotiate contracts in favor of clients with counter parties or public institutions.


  • HaHaving extensive active litigation experience and remarkable success in complex legal cases under Turkish commercial law and law of obligations,
  • Developing litigation strategies in line with our clients’ needs and conflicts/cases to ensure their rights,
  • Preparing necessary and required documents, such as petitions and responding to lawsuits, attending court hearings and following up the litigation proceedings etc. on behalf of the clients,
  • Representing and defending our clients before courts at all levels, in arbitration procedures and other alternative dispute resolution procedures,
  • Aligning our litigation strategies with our clients’ interests and objectives, and striving to achieve the best results possible for our clients under the circumstances.




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