Competition Law

SRP-Legal provides high quality advice to achieve successful outcomes for our clients who are engaged in a full range of matters as per the Law on the Protection of Competition, including mergers, anti-trust investigations, appeals and litigation procedures. 

We provide legal consultancy services with our deep local knowledge regarding related markets, regulators and active practices. We provide commercial solutions that will withstand scrutiny in all major antitrust or competition law jurisdictions. 

We are also highly qualified in competition law practices as regards the Turkish Competition Authority and other related courts. Our experience in competition law covers many industries, including communications, technology, banking & financial services, FinTech, FMCG, glass and distribution.

The founder and the managing director of SRP-Legal, Dr. Ayozger Ongun, leads the Competition Law practices at the office. Dr. Ayozger Ongun received her LL.M. degree in Competition Law in “Exclusive Distribution Agreements in EU and Turkish Competition Law”. She has been practicing Competition Law since 2002. 

Some of our Competition Law services include, as follows:

Legal Consultancy Services on Competition Law

  • Under Turkish and EU Competition regulations, reviewing and revising all kinds of business transactions for our clients, including joint ventures and technology transfer agreements, distribution, licensing, franchising, toll manufacturing agreements etc.,
  • Under Turkish and EU Competition regulations, providing risk assessment and legal compliance services for our clients’ agreements, documents and distribution channels or business models,
  • Preparing competition compliance guidelines, memorandums and reports related to the services we provide, 
  • Providing daily legal consultancy services regarding the competition law required by our clients,
  • Providing training courses to raise the awareness of our clients’ employees or their authorized services/sellers.

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Under Turkish and EU Competition regulations, providing legal consultancy services to our clients’ M&A and joint venture processes, and, if needed, applying to get merger clearance before the Turkish Competition Authority involved in  the relevant mergers,

Legal Representation in Competition Law Investigations

  • Representing our clients before the Turkish Competition Board in all phases of antitrust investigations,
  • Representing plaintiffs in complex anti-trust issues and investigations concerning all forms of abuse of dominant position allegations and all other forms of restrictive horizontal and vertical arrangements, including price-fixing, resale price maintenance, refusal to supply, territorial restrictions and concerted practice allegations. 

Compliance Programs 

  • Providing focused and effective assistance in devising and managing competition law compliance strategies,
  • Tailoring competition compliance programs in line with our clients’ needs,
  • Making mock audits in order to check whether our clients are compliant with Turkish Competition regulations.


  • Advising on a combination of competition issues with our robust experience and commercially-focused litigation skills,
  • Aligning our litigation strategies with our clients’ interests and objectives, and striving to achieve the best results possible for our clients under whatever the current circumstances determine.




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