Corporate Law

We provide general legal advice to our clients in relation to legal aspects of their everyday business. 

This daily business legal support includes drafting board resolutions, holding general assemblies, obtaining various licenses and permits, and other similar forms of support.  

SRP-Legal features a wide range of experience in every arena of the Turkish public private partnership (PPP) projects, from concessions to every model, guiding clients through some of the highest-profile projects in the region’s history, including all varieties of infrastructure projects. As a result, we are able to offer the support of PPP expertise as well as knowing the local market’s legislation.

We represent and offer advice to our clients from both the buyer’s side and the seller’s side. We have a particularly strong tracking record advising and supporting clients in heavily regulated sectors like  infrastructure, media and information technologies, as well as joint ventures. 

We also support our clients in engaging the policy process, especially at regarding mergers and acquisitions transactions. We can bring a strong combination of legal and policy expertise, which is a key asset in enabling us to provide strategic advice to our clients so they can achieve their business goals. 

Some of our other high-level services that we provide are especially, as follows:

Corporate Secretarial Services 

  • Incorporating and registering companies, branches and representative offices,
  • Preparing board resolutions, Articles of Associations, Board resolutions, General Assembly minutes and other documents regarding appointment/resignation of director(s)/manager(s), capital increase/decrease, distribution of profit share, share transfer, company address/name etc. and if needed, executing their filling processes under Turkish Company Law, 
  • Attending board and shareholders’ meetings, chairing corporate meetings and taking minutes (if required by our clients),
  • Analyzing existing policies and practices and providing skilled counseling to help the board structure and functions, director qualifications and independence and executive compensation matters,
  • Preparing corporate entity health-check reports in line with our clients’ existing documents,
  • Providing daily basis legal counseling services regarding company law and employment law.

Mergers and Acquisitions

At SRP-Legal, we provide M&A services in line with our deep expertise in multi-disciplinary industries such as financial services, technology, media, and telecommunications. 

Some of our services in terms of mergers & acquisitions include:

  • Advising on how to structure mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures: strategic acquisitions and accessing new markets, as well as the implementation of changes to corporate ownership structures and reorganizations,
  • Drafting and negotiating letters of intent, NDAs, SPAs, SHAs,
  • Providing legal due diligence services.





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